Born and raised in Germany she has been living in the Netherlands for 10 years. Studied to become an academically qualified teacher, specialising in gender issues, participation and empowerment. She is active as a senior trainer and coach in gender-based education, girl work and gender-competence for various youth and adult education providers. She knows how to build bridges between theory and practice, various generations, genders, religions and cultures: a border crosser with passion.

She initiates and coordinates international projects in the field of girls' work, women's education and health education. She also runs her own therapeutic practice in the Netherlands and, together with her husband, a seminar centre "Paridjeza - room for vitality". Her great interest in people and her biographies has made her a (pedagogical and therapeutic) expert with a view to the entity of body, feeling, intellect and spirituality.

Co-operation partners, participants and customers appreciate her as a reliable, lively and enthusiastic personality with sense of humour and depth.