To become active beyond regional and national borders is a great enrichment: internationalisation not only opens up new markets, it also opens up intercultural understanding, joint learning processes and a new look at old matters of course.

In order for these processes to be profitable, they need sensitivity to intercultural circumstances, professional competence in project and quality management, experience with international encounters, as well as the intuition in the search for foreign partner organisations.

This is where our offer starts: we are able to offer you a network of qualified and experienced consultants, who support you on your way to internationalisation with adequate funding management. Our offer includes:

    • Information on topics of the European Union
      • Educational, cultural and social programs
      • Active participation opportunities in Europe
    • Funding management
      • Analyses of the funding possibilities
      • Funding research
      • Support in finding European partner organisations
      • Project development & Project support
      • Assistance with applications
    • Training activities
      • Intercultural trainings
      • Development of gender-competences
      • Human resources development

These elements can be offered separately or as a package. The precise agreements will be coordinated with you according to your needs.