Mind4body-Final Conference on 20. Oct. 2017

by Ralf Czajkowski

on 20. Oct. 2017 in Fulda

Invitation for the symposium of the international project mind4body October 20th 2017 in Fulda (Germany)

With this symposium we want to address multipliers from the area of education, health care, employment-politics, gender-equality and migration, to make you enthusiast about the mind4body-training, to explain the effect of mind4body and to stimulate future cooperation.

Mind4body is a body-oriented training for women with different cultural backgrounds and migration experience. By connecting and balancing mind and body the training contributes to the improvement of (migrant) women´s lives, their career, well-being and self-esteem

 During the symposium you get to know:

  • what implies the body-oriented approach and why it is more efficient than conventional methods (Regina Rauw, project-leader).
  • in how far racism still plays a role in our society, how it also affects mind4body and other educational access for people with migration background (Tahera Ameer, Amadeu Antonio Stiftung).
  • how the mind4body training looks like in practise and what kind of tools are used mind4body-trainers).
  • what are the results and effects of the project on the participants and the project-partners (Martina Möller-Öncü, evaluation).
  • who are the organisation, people and trainers who stand behind mind4body and what they may offer you.

The mind4body training results from a European partnership in adult education which lasted from 2015 until 2017 among five organisations from Germany, Italy, Turkey and The Netherlands. It is funded by Erasmus+, programme of the European Union.

The symposium is a cooperation of Eubikus with the intercultural forum Fulda e.V.

Here you find the invitation: www.mind4body.info/Fachtagung2017-10-20.htm

More about the project mind4body you find at our projects or on the webpage: www.mind4body.info

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