Mind4Body 2017

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Migrant women’s life improvement through body oriented approach (MIWOLIMBO) alias "Mind4Body"

Five organisations form Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey developed a strategic partnership in adult education under the lead of Eubikus, funded by the programme of the EU Erasmus+ between November 2015 and December 2017

The starting points for this project were the difficult living circumstances of migrant women, characterized by a high risk of poverty and a weak financial position. This frequently comes together with a lack of self-confidence and a negative wellbeing. Accordingly the main goal of the project was to improve the quality of life of migrant women. The starting point was an empowerment process for migrant women themselves, so that they could become more aware of their potential and gain more self-confidence. This should be the basis for more emotional well-being as well as for a better approach to the labour market.

The five project partners combined their expertise in the three main points of reference - interculturality, women's empowerment and the body-oriented approach - in order to develop and implement a suitable offer in the adult education.

To realize these goals, first the concept of a body-oriented training for women with a migrant background was developed. This was named "mind4body" and consists of an active program of seven steps towards more empowerment and independency. At the same time, a training course for trainers was developed and facilitated, with which the teaching staff of the participating partners got equipped with all necessary skills to be able to realize the mind4body training.

Following this, the partners tested and evaluated the mind4body training on site. Where necessary, the concept was adapted. More trainings were carried out and implemented in the offers of the partners. Cooperation with local migrant self-help organizations was an important factor in reaching the target group.

Based on this, the project partners have developed various activities to disseminate the body-oriented approach (publications, newsletters, multiplier events, presentations). In addition, the project team has produced several outputs to document and reproduce the results:

The evaluation of the mind4body training showed the great impact of this innovative body-oriented approach: the communicative and social competencies of the participants have expanded significantly. They feel more emotional balance, energy and motivation and have a better social network. They have developed more self-confidence and got to know better their own strengths and potentials. On this base the participants have been able to improve their position in the labour market and taken steps to take live in hand themselves.

The response to the results of the project is very positive, the approach is already picked up and used by other organizations and trainers. Overall, our project has contributed to a greater sensitivity towards the situation and the needs of migrant women.

Project webpage:                  www.mind4body.info

Lead partner:                          Eubikus eeig, Regina Rauw, r.rauw@eubikus.eu

Project partner:                     IKF: Interkulturelles Forum Fulda e.V. (Germany)

                                                   A.RE.S. Campobasso (Italy)

                                                   Izmir Governorship (Turkey)

                                                   Stichting Tour, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Period of the project:          November 2015 until December 2017

Project-number:                   2015-1-DE02-KA204-002354

This project has been funded by Erasmus+ the European Union programme for Education,

Training, Youth, and Sport.