The professional career of Mercedes Thiel started in the field of business administration. As a diploma economist she coordinated organisational procedures in retail in the 1980s. With her additional studies in adult education, she gained versatile experiences and competencies as a lecturer at private education institutions in Dresden. Already in the middle of the 90s, Mercedes Thiel entered the field of European education projects and combined her business skills with pedagogic know-how. Since then she has been working as a freelance project manager on the entire range of project acquisition, application advice, network coordination and reporting and billing.

Since 2005 Mercedes Thiel has actively attended the European communication process as a coordinator of information events and seminars. With the leadership of European information centres (Europe Direct Relais) in Dresden and Bad Hersfeld, she has actively supported the European citizens' communication. For more than 10 years, she has been working as a freelance lecturer and presenter in the field of European politics education. She is a member of the speaker team of the European Union (Team Europe) - her main areas of competence are youth and education policy.

Since 2013 she has been an active member of EUBIKUS ewiv with experienced project managers from Germany, Austria, Spain and Hungary