Girls Empowerment

“Empowerment in the work with girls” was the topic of an six days lasting European training measure for youth workers in which EUBIKUS had significant participation. From October 12th till 18th 2014 20 women from Poland, Austria, Turkey, Romania and Germany came together in Bielefeld for improving their educational competence especially with respect to girls and their needs and thereby contributing in the qualification of youth workers.

Regina Rauw, our expert for work relating to girls and gender issues, managed this training and drafted it with regards to content. Additionally she assumed the content for the successful application within the EU program Erasmus+ and she purposefully brought together partner organizations of her European network for this event.

The training was organized by the registered association Eigensinn zur Prävention von sexueller Gewalt an Mädchen und Jungen in Bielefeld e.V. (self-will for preventing sexual violence against girls and boys in Bielefeld).